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The Business Post

When the Business Post contacts you for an interview, it’s safe to say that it’s a milestone moment in the journey of any company. The series aptly named Making it Work was the offering. A quick review of the companies featured shows the calibre of talent that is growing in Ireland.  Business opportunities from medtech to retail, shines, through the pages of the paper on a Sunday.

Every business concept starts the same way, with a problem that requires a solution. Veri was no different. We saw how the use of our software could solve problems across many sectors.

Further Education and Training Delivery

Further Education Training has been on it’s own journey over the last number of years most notably with the creation of its own governmental department. The Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science was established in  2020 and has Simon Harris at the helm. The future of FET has three core pillars

  • Building skills
  • Fostering inclusion
  • Facilitating pathways.

We understand how to nurture these core principles to get results for our clients. We want to facilitate learning that benefits both the providers and the participants. Whether you are dealing with professionals upskilling or people who are employed, we understand the value of attendance data in terms of reasons for absence or mitigating circumstances. This real time data available on Veri can be used to intervene early and ensure successful outcomes.

Make Training Programme Delivery Simple

Removing the complexities that can slow down the operational management of large training contracts is a must and we believe our lean approach does just that. Whether that is skills based training, traineeships or apprenticeships the old approach of using a spreadsheet or good form to document progress is no longer a viable option. Our centralised training management system will make sure that exceptions to the contract are never missed. 

Consistency and quality is a non negotiable when it comes to training programme management and this is one of our core principles. Facilitating our clients to deliver consistently across regions, to duplicate courses to ensure the same level of delivery every time. 

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