Ireland Tops the List for Integration of Technology in Business

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A recent Veri article, 5 Reasons You Should Consider Digitisation, discussed the many benefits of going digital for business; from data accessibility to cost efficiency, the argument is undoubtedly persuasive. 
It is becoming increasingly clear that the businesses of Ireland are embracing this era of change, with The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) report for 2019 revealing that Ireland ranks 1st, out of all European countries, for “Integration of Digital Technology by Businesses”. This places Ireland 7th overall for digital performance and digital competitiveness.

Although these businesses are reaping the obvious benefits of time saved and convenience, that can be achieved through the Integration of Digital Technology, many businesses still do not utilise the full potential of their digitised processes. As management consultant Peter Drucker wrote,

“What gets measured gets managed”.

An immense amount of the data accumulated through the day-to-day running of a company goes unmeasured. With records being archived instead of analysed, the potential for managing improvement is lost.
Veri combines Data Management, Quality Assurance, Evaluation and Analytics. Using this tool can help businesses adapt to an ever-expanding market. Thus yielding a distinct advantage in a time when digitisation is prevalent. 
Data Analysis can provide an insightful overview of real-time and past performance. This analysis also creates an outline of what to expect in the future. Consistent reviewing of yearly or monthly patterns, future trends can be predicted and prepared for accordingly.

Processes can be changed in line with evident strong/weak areas gleaned from analytics.

Consistent monitoring of these trends will greatly increase throughput in many areas, improving process efficiencies as a result. The added bonus is that the impact of each change implemented can now be visualised. Issues that otherwise may have been missed can be easily portrayed to all levels of an organisation. 

Grace McNamara is the Technical Operations Manager at Veri.