TD Magazine Featuring Ann-Marie McSorley

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The Irish Institute of Training and Development have a digital magazine that’s published three times a year. It’s an invaluable resource for the profession. The latest issues the industry faces are always addressed along with interviews and best practices.
The latest publication is no exception.

Text so full of useful content, that it requires reading more than once.


Lory Manrique-Hyland talks about the pull not push approach that’s required for the future of learning and development. This ties in beautifully with a piece on peer coaching. This is a concept  we should all be aspiring to in the future.
Kingsley Aikins explains how networking is crucial. Despite what you may think, networking is actually more about giving than taking.
Orlaith Carmody examines how a coaching culture can transform your workplace and Noelle O’ Connell looks at how Brexit will affect the sector.
Finally in Careers Ann-Marie McSorley, our own CEO, gives an insightful interview. Ann-Marie shows the path from Trinity Graduate to her current role as head of Fioru Software Solutions. Incentives, experience and career highs are all touched upon and finally the love of horses features in her favourite way to relax.
That’s just a highlight reel, we encourage you to go and have a look at TD Magazine for yourself.