A ” Veri ” Happy New Year

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New Year, New Tech Start Up, New Blog to share our Journey
After seven successful years of my business growing in the training world, I had a problem and that was being able to scale to more than one location and ensure consistency with all the tutors working with iResource Education and Training.
I did a bit of research, asked around and found it was an industry-wide problem. Training is very process driven, and meaningful output driven courses like CKLP’s employability Kickstart needed a way of ensuring everyone was singing from the same hymn sheet.
Although the problem was apparent, the solution was not, and after speaking to Tom Corcoran, a mentor from WIT, I decided that we would create a piece of software ourselves to solve the problem, just like the little red hen.
That was about a year ago and today we are just about to launch the second version of  our software product, Veri Integrated Training.
Our Clients’ testimonials, our funders’ support systems, and our team’s blood, sweat and tears will make up our next few posts. Then from February through the launch of Veri Integrated Training we look forward to having you join our lean Software Startup journey and the highs and lows that come with it.