Veri Nice Place to Work

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We really have had a Sunny South East this summer. And there are loads of reasons why working an hour from the pale makes a lot of sense for our Company.

BBQ Buzz

We are looking forward to taking part in the business picnic that will take place this summer on Wednesday 19. July 2017 at 5.45 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. in the beautiful Arboreturn, Home and Garden Heaven, Leighlinbridge and Co. Carlow.
The pace of this networking environment is much slower than that of the start-up scene in Dublin. But great relationships and friendships with other business owners has been the outcome of these type of events for us. A huge benefit, the ability to pick up the phone to gain knowledge from more experienced companies.

Cat Laugh’s veterans at the business Picnic

This article was drafted by our intern from Austria Larissa Forster and whether it’s senior people in our company or part timers, the quality of life is really great. Festivals are the name of the game in Kilkenny and even though we are not in big smoke, the area is always buzzing for our staff.
Anton Savage and Karl Spain are regulars for the Cat’s Laugh and are headlining the Business Picnic this year. Savage has worked with Cabinet Ministers, the CEO’s and Chairmen of some of Ireland’s largest PLC’s. Stand-up comedian Karl Spain will ensure it is a wonderful evening in the country.
Broadband is improving so we are working virtually with our clients more and more.
The Picnic is featuring panellist Samantha Kelly, a leading social media strategist. Furthermore she owns and operates Tweeting Goddess and she offers effective social media strategies to businesses and entrepreneurs.
So looking out this morning at a sunny campus at our Innovation Centre office at Kieran’s College, after my 7 minute commute to work. What is not to like about setting up in the Sunny South East?