'Going digital is no longer an option, it is the default.'

- Natarajan Chandrasekaran
Ann Marie on the pages of the Business Post

The Business Post – Further Education and Training Delivery

  The Business Post When the Business Post contacts you for an interview, it’s safe to say that it’s a milestone moment in the journey of any company. The series aptly named Making it Work […]

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Going for Growth

Going for Growth 2022

    Our sustainability focus at Veri brings to mind the lovely quote from Warren Buffet that said “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” This […]

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work from home

Work from Home if You Can

Work from Home And here we go again. 600 odd days into the pandemic and the government has directed that if you can, you should work from home. It’s difficult to articulate the impact. We […]

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What do Facebook and Veri have in Common?

Facebook the Software of Dreams In terms of branding you can’t get any more recognisable than Facebook. The company which has been renamed as Meta also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. The software that Mark Zuckerberg […]

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Good News For SICAP Funding In Budget 2022

The announcements made in Budget 2022 has been viewed as significant step towards restoration of SICAP Budget to 2008 levels.  This increased funding will provide for 60 new SICAP workers to work with disadvantaged and […]

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Biodiversity Training Wild Work Meeting Veri Software

Wild Work Biodiversity in an Urban Office

Biodiversity Initiative It had been so long since the Veri offices had to extend hospitality to guests that we weren’t sure we would remember how. The purpose was a gathering of 4 local development companies, […]

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A hand holding a phone using Veri a software a data driven training programme management tool

A Milestone of 6 Years Driving Data

When days are filled with meetings and planning sometimes dates go unnoticed. It was only when LinkedIn sent me a notification that I realised Veri was 6 years old. 6 years striving for change and […]

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Ann Marie McSorley and Team from Veri Data Driven Training Management Training

Team Building with a Client Success Story

Team Building Summer is a great time for team building. The better weather gives you the inspiration and affords us the ability to get out and about in the beautiful Irish countryside. Although we love […]

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Ann Marie McSorley poses in front of a banner for the Biodiversity Initiative NoreVision

Data Driven Biodiversity Initiative Reaches IITD National Training Awards Final

Finalists in IITD National Training Awards The Irish Institute of Training and Development will host a live stream to announce the winners of the National Training Awards at the end of June. The purpose of […]

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