'Going digital is no longer an option, it is the default.'

- Natarajan Chandrasekaran

Hit your Milestones with the help of the right Mentor

I’ve been lucky enough recently to have had support from 2 local Councils in expanding our Veri business in Northern Ireland. I have no problem in admitting when I need help, but it was with […]

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Changing Worlds with CorkBIC

The Irish regional BIC’s (Business Innovation Centres) have been really fantastic in supporting the team at VERI to grow and strive over the past 4 years. SEBIC supported the team in the win of the EI’s […]

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Veri Included in database of Covid Supports

The face of business has changed over the last number of months. Every industry has had to adapt to operate under new guidelines and restrictions. Veri was delighted to be able to offer services to […]

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We are Hiring

We are hiring!!! At the start of this unique time in history I was confident in our ability to survive. I am delighted to be expanding in order to meet additional demands on the back […]

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A Software Success Story

Anyone with a business idea has to be smart enough to admit that they might not know all the answers. The key is to reach out and engage with people who can help you along […]

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International Women’s Day with Inspiring Women

On the 21st of January the 12th cycle of Going for Growth got underway in Dublin. The initiative is designed to go beyond helping women set up businesses and to actively encourage growth in their […]

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We Clarified what QQI expect in the QBS Process.

“Reporting is stressful” (Any Training Company Administrator) It’s QBS time and every company that provides QQI training is stressed at the moment. They are knee deep uploading student certification data for further validation and the […]

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Did you copy and paste today?

The world of computer science is not exactly glamorous. There are not many household names in the field. The work is mostly taken for granted and the average computer user never questions how the processes […]

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IITD Best Consultancy Partnership 2019; A Case Study

The IITD National Training Awards is recognised as the premier Learning & Development event for industry. This case study shows how Impact Training and Veri went on to win Best Consultancy Partnership 2019 Challenge: Impact […]

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