'Going digital is no longer an option, it is the default.'

- Natarajan Chandrasekaran

An Experience of Emerging

24 hours with the most Non-Compliant, Risk takers we at Veri have ever seen! Working weekends has been par for the course, since we at VERI launched last October, as is working with clients who […]

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Veri ann marie

A quality solution with a quality team

When Veri Integrated Training was a Beta product for our sister training company Iresource, we knew the pain involved in ensuring consistency in course quality, communications and outputs. This gave us the basis for the exisiting sofware, but we […]

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frank veri

A quality solution with a quality team

I was introduced to Franklin Covey and all about the seven habits of highly effective people by a mentor about  10 years ago and I find there uses constantly keep re-emerging on this Start Up journey . The […]

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henry ford

Faster Horses … and disruptive technology

Henry Ford, the great innovator, explained that his invention, the Model T was a transport solution that his customers didn’t know they wanted. Cars were for the rich, not accessible to them, so he came up with a solution, an affordable motorcar. Sitting around a […]

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learning-curve Veri

The Lean Learning Curve- Software Development for non techie

It was a sharp learning curve deciding that I was going to build my own software for somebody that wasn’t very good at programming the sky remote. As well as the motivation to solve the […]

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happy new year from Veri

A ” Veri ” Happy New Year

New Year, New Tech Start Up, New Blog to share our Journey After seven successful years of my business growing in the training world, I had a problem and that was being able to scale to more […]

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