Water Biodiversity Training Testimonial

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Water Biodiversity Training in Fingal

At the end of our water biodiversity training programmes we encourage participants to attend a networking event. Here there is an opportunity for the attendees to showcase the Action Plans created throughout their training. This final event has proven to be a social event, a networking opportunity and a celebrations of achievements. On the night we give certificates of completion and you even get a cup of tea and a biscuit.

People of All Ages and Backgrounds Attend

The networking event for  Fingal LEADER Partnership water biodiversity training was an excellent example of the diversity of people that attend our programmes. One such attendee was Alex Konieczka. Alex is the Environmental Youth Officer at ECO-UNESCO and Director at Understory and she kindly agreed to talk about her experience attending the water biodiversity training.  Alex is on the left of the picture, very happy with the net, trays and waders that were provided as part of the course! Also in the photograph is Ruth Gaj McKeever who picked up the certificates for herself and her Dad and our Lead Ecologist Dr. Amanda Greer.

Three female participants of the Water Biodiversity Training in Fingal hosted by Veri Connect


I took part in the water biodiversity training course, by Fingal LEADER Partnership in association with LAWPRO, which was a perfect mix of scientific information, practical advice, hands on experience, case studies and talks from guests. The course allowed me to connect with with a diverse group of passionate people from all over Dublin and surrounding counties. All of the participants had different interests, backgrounds and experience and had their own unique insight to share. We all came together very quickly and worked very well as a team. The course was amazing for making connections.

Personally, I think the biggest differentiator of this course was the encouragement and mentorship I received, to take action in my own community. We not only discussed the theory of taking action, but the physical work that goes into it, the challenges we may face and most importantly, the solutions. The course supported me in creating a project called Catching Raindrops, during which I will work with a community group in Ringsend and Irishtown this year, to improve rainwater harvesting through installation of water butts, increase rainwater retention by connecting gutters to planters in houses and businesses in the area and equip the community with knowledge and skills to conserve & protect water. I feel like many doors have been opened for me as a result of taking this training course.

You can follow Alex on Facebook and Instagram where she shares her passion for creating Zero-waste products designed to connect us with nature.