Safety & Training Digitisation 2019 – 365 Opportunities for your business

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Why not take some time back every day to invest in improvement and new business instead of chasing paper.

Reading the typical New Years “Top 10” ways to be healthier and happier I noticed one consistent piece of advice “manage your time effectively”.
Anyone who has responsibility for staff training and safety in their business, whether it is statutory or accrediting body watch dog enforced, you will know that it is a daily thankless chore. Using spreadsheets and paper to try and track and trace the how, what, when and more importantly “did it work” of training and safety compliance.

Here are 3.65 ways that Digitisation can help you not only save time but win more business and be more effective in your business in 2019

  1. What is the NO 1 Question on every contract/ tender/ annual report? Performance and Quality. Instead of using a paper based system, a mobile app and dashboard gives you the data to back up your training and safety performance. Having full real time transparency and self evaluation on your quality system will make your company stand out, win contracts and achieve certification.
  2. Anyone in charge of a quality system will know that the system will only work if everyone engages. Tracking trainers or workers engagement in learning, risk or safety via paper is almost impossible if you have multiple sites, managers, subcontractors and tutors. By using a mobile app you have 24/7 access to your team’s engagement in their required quality feedback. So you will no longer have to waste time chasing paper, transferring data from paper to spreadsheet, analysing data for reporting and inspections. Digitising can save you up to 30% of your administration time * Time and motion Study
  3. 65 Data is the new currency, any business that has a mandatory requirement for quality track and trace has 100’s of boxes of paper records that cost money to implement but are never used except once a year for an audit. Why not turn your quality data into intelligence for your business? What outcomes are being achieved, where are the weaknesses, who needs more training, or where the training needs to be improved. Work smarter not harder.

Should you require more information on Digitisation for Safety, Training or Programme management the team at Veri would love to hear from you contact us today and start taking every opportunity that comes in the 364 days ahead through digitisation!