All Ireland Sustainability Summit – Sowing the Seed for a Greener Future

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This year’s All-Ireland Sustainability Summit is bigger and better than ever! We at Veri Connect are thrilled to be a sponsor of the event and a presenter on the Main Stage.

The sustainability summit is set to run from 9AM to 4:30PM on March 21st, in La Mon Hotel. The event will bring together some of Ireland’s most dedicated experts in the field of sustainability for a day of upskilling, networking and collaboration. The Summit will be exhibited on two separate stages: the Main Stage  which will focus on the wider sustainability agenda, and the Net Zero Stage, which will be focusing on all things net-zero, renewables & carbon reduction.

A highlight of the All Ireland Sustainability Summit 2023

This year’s All-Ireland Sustainability Summit will facilitate a brand new ‘lunchtime and learn’ workshop series that will no doubt prove beneficial to all parties involved. Four of the five workshop sessions will offer a 45-min this ‘lunchtime and learn’ opportunity so that you grab some lunch, and drop in to any of our sessions for even more learning and engagement opportunities. There will also be an extensive exhibitors area, fostering a driven network of innovation.

The event’s keynote speaker is none other than Richard Shotton. Richard is the author of the best selling book, The Choice Factory. He specialises on how to apply findings from behavioural science to marketing. The main stage host will be Andi Jarvis, who is a marketing strategist, professional speaker and the Founder of Eximo Marketing.

Some of the summits highlights include:

  • Circular Economy Opportunities
  • Carbon Reduction Planning
  • Green Communications
  • The Future of Energy
  • Finance, Regulation and Policy
  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Networking and Collaboration

For the final session and event roundup, our very own Yosef Dvores will be part of the panel discussion about the intersection of agriculture, tourism and sustainable business. Yosef Dvores hails from Canada, and is a passionate Ecologist for nearly a decade. He has worked across Canada, NZ and South America before settling in Ireland in 2020. His extensive knowledge and deep passion for the environment has led him to work with businesses, local authorities, community groups and specifically farmers for this session in order to ensure nature and people can thrive in these changing times.

Amongst his success as Lead Ecologist with Veri Connect has been facilitating Ireland’s first and largest community seed bank. This project saw community members in the border area, many of whom were farmers, collect native wildflowers in order to preserve and enhance biodiversity. Yosef’s seed saving projects encapsulate the essence of Climate Action – making a lasting impact by increasing ecosystem resilience whilst building stronger communities.

Yosef has just completed training for Tourism Northern Ireland attended by over 70 Tourism businesses – ‘Threats to Biodiversity’ and ‘Commitment to Climate Change’. Also playing a leading role in the award winning €1 million euro Wildwork Biodiversity project for three local development partners via the LEADER programme. Here is a look into his time with Wildwork –

We look forward to seeing you at the All-Ireland Sustainability Summit. Visit www.allirelandsustainability.com to learn more and to book your tickets today!