Community Reactivation Course

Learning Outcomes

The Local Government sector has sustainability and climate action at it’s core from 2024. Post Pandemic we understand the need for  Community Reactivation,  and this course will enable your team to use the community environment to achieve  the following outcomes:

Review New Sustainability Strategy Local and National 

Resurrect Old Action Plans: Participants will have the knowledge and tools to resurrect and update old action plans, ensuring they align with current community needs and challenges as well as Local and national strategy 

Inspire and Reconnect Groups: Using nature to develop strategies to inspire and reconnect groups that may have lost touch during the pandemic, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Practical Project Implementation: Acquire the skills to translate inspiration into action by implementing practical projects in communities. Participants will leave with a repertoire of project ideas tailored to their community’s unique context.

Leadership Empowerment: Develop leadership skills and the ability to identify and nurture new leaders within communities, creating a sustainable foundation for future initiatives.

Access to Funding Sources: Gain valuable information on funding sources to turn community dreams into reality. Understand how to navigate funding applications and secure resources for successful project implementation.

What will you Learn?

The Community Reactivation course is a dynamic and empowering initiative crafted to support community groups in their revival and progression following pandemic disruptions.

With a focus on reactivating existing groups and fostering the creation of new communities, the course aims to cultivate new leaders and revive collective action within communities with the following key components :

1. Revitalizing Existing Groups: Learn strategies to assess and reinvigorate the original action plans of pre-existing community groups, ensuring they align with current needs and challenges.

2. Activating New Communities: Explore techniques for initiating and nurturing new community groups, fostering growth and sustainability.

3. Leadership Development: Acquire essential leadership skills for steering community initiatives, creating a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility.

4. Practical Project Ideation: Gain insights into generating and implementing practical project ideas, enabling immediate initiation within communities.

Course Structure 

In-person (2 half days – 5 hours): Engage in dynamic sessions, including interactive discussions and practical exercises, fostering a hands-on approach to community development.

Online (2 sessions – 4 hours): Attend virtual sessions designed for flexibility, covering specific course content, facilitating group discussions, and allowing for networking opportunities.

Self-Directed/E-Learning (2 hours): Utilize e-learning resources to deepen understanding, reinforce concepts, and explore additional materials at a personalized pace.

Total Commitment: 11 Hours


Who will benefit from this course?

Community Leaders and Activists
Members of Existing Community Groups
Aspiring Community Leaders
Local Government Representatives
Non-profit and NGO Staff
Social Entrepreneurs
Residents and Community Members
Educators and Trainers

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