Industry Specific Custom Solutions

Adopting a collaborative approach, we can tailor our award winning solutions to meet the needs of any organisation. With a collaborative approach we develop custom solutions in training management with your needs at the core.


We Create a Unique Solution for you

We have successfully created augmentations of our award-winning software for use in Construction, Pharma, and Biodiversity.

Our service includes Website Landing Pages.

You’ll have Training Booking Systems at your disposal.

Veri utilises Artificial Intelligence for Data Matching.

Custom Data Analytics Dashboards tailored to your needs.



We Solve your Pain Points

A large training programme creates repetitive paperwork and numerous datasets.
Veri Connect provides you with a Lean Account Executive to streamline your processes and digitise your paperwork.

Reporting and Compliance are essential to ensure continual quality assurance.
Veri will have your training programme audit-ready at the touch of a button.

Larger training management operations are enhanced with one product which performs multiple functions:
Data Gathering
Data Harvesting
Attendance Data Gathering
Remote Data Capture
Automated Communication


Our Personal Guarantee

We supply more than a software service.

We supply : a team of experts who will review your process.
We will support : you to create your own custom, lean approach, adopting appropriate measurement tools.
We will enable : you to extract data driven, real time reporting, for programme management, learners’ successes and funders’ compliance requirements.

Features of our
Award Winning Software

Data Gathering

  • Profiles Data
  • Programme Data
  • One Digital Record

Clean Data

  • Prepopulated Actions
  • Ensure Data Quality
  • Enforce Data Quality

Data Imports/Exports

  • Customised to your CRM

Data Harvesting

  • AI / Data Analytics
  • Benchmarking Standards and Compliance

Indicator Data

  • Attendance
  • Certification
  • Progression

Evaluation Data

  • Assessment
  • Baseline Diagnostic
  • Skills Competency
  • Feedback
  • Happy Sheets

Remote Data Capture and Automated Communication

  • Course Scheduling
  • Remote Call Integration

Data Reporting

  • Live Updates
  • Report Generation
  • Empowering Improvement Data-Driven Decisions

Data Productivity

  • Red Banner Exception Reporting
  • Milestone Triggers/Notifications

Climate Action 101

Learn with Veri Connect

5 LEADER Partnerships: Kilkenny, Laois, North Tipperary & South Tipperary

The NoreVision is a radically innovative three county partnership between a diverse range of stakeholders from the waters and lands of the Nore River Catchments.

The aim was to raise awareness, competency, animate communities and build a capacity to manage a River Nore Catchment Trust. This would all come to fruition through training initiatives such as Water Based Citizen Science Training, Invasive Species Training, and Oral History workshops.

This ambitious project was managed in-house by a dedicated project manager who sourced subject matter experts to deliver the training. Our award-winning software solutions was used to issue materials and capture the rich live data that was being gathered by the wonderful volunteers.