Veri Data Driven Training Management Software

Our innovative software will save you time and reduce duplication. It will measure results on Instructor Led or Blended Learning whether that's delivered in person or remotely.


Created With You in Mind.

Further Education providers for skills based training.

Local Government in Biodiversity Programmes, Employability Programmes, ICT education Programmes.

National  Government interventions for response to business mentoring and training needs.

International EU Programmes delivery for Peer education, Social Inclusion or Peace and Reconciliation.


We Know your Pain Points.

A large programme of training consists of hundreds of delivery agents, thousands of data sets and piles of repetitive paperwork. We will provide you with a lean account executive to streamline your process and digitise with Veri to reduce your paperwork and duplication.  

Reporting and compliance is a must to ensure quality assurance on an ongoing basis.
Veri will have your work audit ready at the touch of a button.

Gathering evidence and data on the outputs of training is time consuming and costly.
We will improve your profitability by reducing  administration costs 

Programme intelligence in the form of stacks of paperwork and spreadsheets that  are costly to store safely. 
Veri gives you instant access, This enables you to make data driven decisions, that will improve quality, make the learner experience better and win you business.


Our Personal Guarantee.

We don’t just supply a training software service.

We supply a team of learning experts that will review your process.
Support you in creating your own custom lean approach, with the correct measurement tools in place.
Data Driven Real time reporting for your programmes management, your learners success and your funders compliance.

Features of our
Award Winning Software

Data Gathering

  • Profiles Data
  • Programme Data
  • One Digital Record

Clean Data

  • Prepopulated Actions
  • Ensure Data Quality
  • Enforce Data Quality

Data Imports/Exports

  • Quality Qualifications Ireland
  • Customised to your CRM

Data Harvesting

  • AI / Data Analytics
  • Benchmarking Standards and Compliance

Indicator Data

  • Attendance
  • Certification
  • Progression

Evaluation Data

  • Assessment
  • Baseline Diagnostic
  • Skills Competency
  • Feedback
  • Happy Sheets

Remote Data Capture and Automated Communication

  • Course Scheduling
  • Remote Call Integration

Data Reporting

  • Live Updates
  • Report Generation
  • Empowering Improvement Data-Driven Decisions

Data Productivity

  • Red Banner Exception Reporting
  • Milestone Triggers / Notifications

Climate Action 101

Learn with Veri Connect

The Agile Executive

The Agile Executive responded to a tender that called for applicants to facilitate a mentorship programme called MentorsWork. It was free and being aimed at businesses in any sector.

Veri was commissioned to digitally streamline and support the immediate implementation of a 12-week programme with a target of up to 500 companies being mentored by upwards of 100 mentors. Delivered wholly online and remotely using Veri we see this as the future of mentorship programmes.

Features such real time data on mentee progression, mentee data can be viewed by sector, by date started or by mentor and the automated real time allocation of Skillnet Evaluations from mentor to mentee to ensure programme completion have contributed to the success of this programme.