'Going digital is no longer an option, it is the default.'

- Natarajan Chandrasekaran

Shoulder to shoulder with ESB for Net Nature Positive

This day last week was a significant milestone for us here at Veri Connect. It marked the finale to our long running training programme which was delivered to staff from ESB, Ireland’s foremost energy company […]

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Happy National Biodiversity Week!

As we begin to leave behind the wetter, colder months of the year, many of us are now beginning to venture outside once more, becoming closer to the natural world around us. The bees are […]

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Celebrate Earth Day – VeriConnect’s Two Cents

April 22nd marks the 54th Earth Day, a day to celebrate the beautiful planet we live on and nurture advocacy for ways to protect the natural environment. In the 54 years since the first Earth […]

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All Ireland Sustainability Summit – Sowing the Seed for a Greener Future

This year’s All-Ireland Sustainability Summit is bigger and better than ever! We at Veri Connect are thrilled to be a sponsor of the event and a presenter on the Main Stage. The sustainability summit is […]

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Maintaining Steady Work-Life Harmony: Veri Connect at its Core

Veri Connect’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond environmental initiatives; it encompasses the social holistic well-being of its employees. This became evident when I, a parent, foster parent, and now a grandmother, found myself at the […]

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Threats to Biodiversity in Northern Ireland

Ireland’s biodiversity is the magic that makes this beautiful island what it is, providing us with a wealth of resources for the tourism sector including wonderful scenic landscapes, rivers and lakes, forests and woodlands, habitats, […]

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Why will companies need to invest in Micro Credentials in Sustainability?

Meeting two Ministers for the launch of our clients programmes on the seven year anniversary of Veri Connect meant it was not such a Blue Monday for me this week! Minister Simon Harris and Minister Neil Redmond […]

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environmental and social governance

Sustainability and Circular Economy: Insights on Environmental and Social Governance

Having been abroad for the riots in Dublin, last week I was in the Capital where the conversations were all about environmental and social governance and responsibility . We were delighted to take the  opportunity […]

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invasive species

Invasive Species Tips & Training

With all the talk about aliens in the news lately you definitely might have some questions. It might, however, be a surprise for you to learn that aliens have been here in Ireland now for […]

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