Introduction to Land Biodiversity Course

Learning Outcomes?

This course has been run dozens of times across the country and is always popular for community members with various backgrounds. The course enables them to make lasting change to benefit nature and people in their local area. Upon completion of the Introduction to Land Biodiversity course, participants can expect the following outcomes:

Comprehend Biodiversity Importance:

Understand the significance of biodiversity and the prevailing threats.

Empowerment for Biodiversity Action:

Feel empowered to protect and enhance local biodiversity through actionable steps.

Skills in Recording Species:

Acquire practical skills in documenting species and actively contribute to citizen science.

Knowledge in Engaging with Authorities:

Gain insights on engaging effectively with relevant authorities, including Councils, DAERA, and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

Direct Interactions with Field Experts:

Benefit from first hand interactions with field experts across various subjects.

How and what will you Learn?

The Introduction to Land Biodiversity course is a tailored exploration of the unique biodiversity in your area.

Delivered through 3 blended Sessions totalling to a commitment of 10 hours, participants will delve into:

Session 1: Local Area – Land and Water Biodiversity
Understanding Biodiversity: Explore the concept and significance of biodiversity in your local environment.
Area Projects: Discover ongoing projects in your community that contribute to biodiversity.
Actionable Ideas: Gain insights into practical actions you can take to contribute to biodiversity enhancement.

Session 2: Local Area – Habitats
Flora & Fauna: Identify and appreciate the diverse plant and animal life in your ‘Local Area’ region.
Biodiversity Improvement: Learn how to increase and improve biodiversity within your community.
Invasive Alien Species: Understand the impact and management of invasive species on local habitats.

Session 3: Citizen Science in Ireland
Overview: Understand the landscape of citizen science in Ireland.
Schemes and Importance: Explore existing citizen science schemes and their significance.
Recording Species: Learn how to contribute to citizen science through online platforms and apps.

Who will benefit from this Course?

Community members passionate about understanding and preserving local biodiversity.

Environmental enthusiasts seeking practical avenues to contribute to conservation efforts.

Individuals eager to engage with authorities and experts in the field of biodiversity.

Citizens interested in actively participating in citizen science initiatives.

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