Invasive Species Course

Learning Outcomes?

Responsibility for ensuring Irish flora and fauna flourish is a huge part of our work. By controlling and understanding the plants and animals that propose a risk to these , we will enable learners on completion of the Invasive Species course, to  expect the following outcomes:

Introduction to IAS: Gain profound insights into Alien Invasive Species.

Community Empowerment: Equip yourself to take action against biodiversity loss due to IAS.

Identification and Reporting: Develop skills to identify and report common IAS.

Citizen Science: Understand the concept with practical examples.

Field Testing: Apply identification skills in real-world field scenarios.

IAS Treatment and Biosecurity: Discuss treatment methods and grasp the importance of Biosecurity.

How and what will you Learn?

The Invasive Species course is designed for you to delve into the concept of invasive species and their ecological impact.

Session 1 – Introduction:
Unpack the world of non-native species.
Recognize the threats posed by Invasive Alien Species (IAS).
Understand the legislative framework surrounding IAS.

Session 2 – Species Deep Dive:
Focus on specific invasive species:
Japanese Knotweed: Identification and characteristics.
Giant Hogweed: Identification nuances.
Giant Rhubarb: In-depth understanding and identification techniques.

Session 3 – Varied Threats:
Explore threats posed by:
Grey Squirrel and Pine Marten.
Zebra Mussel: Recognizing and understanding the potential threats.

Session 4 – Practical Application:
Engage in field trips to observe IAS in Ireland.
Learn about biosecurity measures.
Understand the art of recording and controlling IAS.

Course Structure

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey with our Invasive Species course, carefully structured to cater to diverse preferences:

In-Person Sessions (2 Sessions – 8 Hours each): Immerse yourself in dynamic sessions, fostering a hands-on approach to understanding and combating invasive species.

Online Sessions (4 Sessions – 2 Hours each): Attend virtual sessions designed for flexibility, covering specific invasive species content, fostering group discussions, and providing networking opportunities.

Self-Directed/E-Learning (6 Hours): Utilize e-learning resources to deepen your understanding of invasive species, reinforce key concepts, and explore additional materials at your personalized pace.

Total Commitment : 30 hours


Who will benefit from this Course?

Ecologists and Environmental Scientists
Legislators and Policy Makers
Biologists and Wildlife Researchers
Land and Conservation Managers
Field Technicians and Biosecurity Personnel

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