Invasive Species Course

Learning Outcomes?

Invasive Alien Species (IAS) are the second biggest threat to biodiversity. Across Ireland they are damaging forests, grasslands, infrastructure, amenity areas and neighborhoods. Everyone can play a role in safeguarding their local environment by tackling Alien Invasive Species. Use this course in order to keep your communities and your environment safe and healthy. By joining an IAS Training Course, you learn how to:~

  • Identify a wide range of IAS
  • Create an Alien Invasive Species Action Plan
  • Manage different IAS
  • Apply Best Practice control methods, and
  • Survey, map and report IAS

The course will focus on IAS of plants such as Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed, Japanese Knotweed, Rhododendron, Gunnera, Montbretia and more. This course is also focused on your local area and tailored for practical online classroom and placed-based learning.

What will you Learn?

The Invasive Alien Species course is designed for you to delve into the concept of invasive species and their ecological impact.

Session 1 – Introduction:
What are Invasive Alien Species
Common Invasive Alien Species
Invasive Alien Species in your local region

Session 2 – Practices:
Legislation around Invasive Alien Species
Best Practices and Control Methods
Mapping and Reporting Invasive Alien Species

Session 3 – Field Trip:
Survey and Identification of Invasive Alien Species in Ireland

Session 4 – Practical Application:
Pesticide use
Action Plan Template
Natura 2000 Sites
Resources & Material

Session 5 – Field Trip:
Learn about biosecurity measures
Mapping and reporting
Surveying techniques

Session 6 – Site Visit:
Trip to established Invasive Alien Species management project

Course Structure

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey with our Invasive Species course, carefully structured to cater to diverse preferences:

In-Person Sessions (2 Sessions – 8 Hours each): Immerse yourself in dynamic sessions, fostering a hands-on approach to understanding and combating invasive species.

Online Sessions (4 Sessions – 2 Hours each): Attend virtual sessions designed for flexibility, covering specific invasive species content, fostering group discussions, and providing networking opportunities.

Self-Directed/E-Learning (6 Hours): Utilize e-learning resources to deepen your understanding of invasive species, reinforce key concepts, and explore additional materials at your personalized pace.

Total Commitment : 30 hours


Who will benefit from this Course?

Ecologists and Environmental Scientists
Legislators and Policy Makers
Biologists and Wildlife Researchers
Land and Conservation Managers
Field Technicians and Biosecurity Personnel

A look at Invasive Species

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