Seed Saving Course

Learning Outcomes?

Whether for communities, farmers or volunteers private gardens this courses is massively popular enabling participants to understand the value of understanding and collecting native Irish seeds. Upon completion of the Seed Saving course, participants can expect the following outcomes:

Appreciate Seed Saving Importance:

Understand the importance of seed preservation for biodiversity and sustainable community practices.

Establish and Contribute to a Seed Bank:

Gain the ability to set up and actively contribute to a seed bank, promoting local resilience.

Master Seed Collection Techniques:

Acquire expertise in the art of collecting seeds, knowing when and how to gather them effectively.

Cultivate and Manage a Wildflower Meadow:

Develop practical skills in creating and maintaining a wildflower meadow, fostering local biodiversity.

Promote Pollinator-Friendly Practices:

Comprehend the vital role of wildflowers in supporting pollinators and contribute to ecological health.

How and what will you Learn?

The Seed Saving course is a tailored exploration of the unique biodiversity in your area.

Delivered through 3 Online Sessions, participants will delve into topics such as:

Wildflower Meadow – Harvesting

Why be a wild worker?

Meadow Management

Recent practices that have damaged biodiversity

Land use in Ireland

Farmers – Biodiversity Friendly Actions

Iconic Grassland Species

Meadow Plant Profiles and Bird Song

Butterfly Food Plants and Monitoring Scheme

Different Grasses ID

Bird Nesting Season – Healthy Hedge Cutting


Course Structure

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey with our Seed Saving course, carefully structured to cater to diverse preferences:

In-person (3 sessions – 9 hours): Immerse yourself in interactive sessions, gaining practical insights into seed saving, seed bank setup, and wildflower meadow management.

Online (4 sessions – 10 hours): Join engaging online sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours, where you’ll explore the importance of seed saving, the art of collecting seeds, and the significance of wildflowers for pollinators.

Self-Directed/E-Learning (5 hours): Utilize 5 hours of self-directed e-learning, delving deeper into course topics at your own pace.

This multifaceted approach ensures a well-rounded understanding of seed preservation, from hands-on experiences to interactive online discussions and self-paced exploration.

Total Commitment : 24 hours


Who will benefit from this Course?

Farmers and Private Garden Volunteers looking to preserve their grounds.

Gardeners and Seed Enthusiasts as well as Botany and Agriculture Students

Community members passionate about understanding and preserving local biodiversity.

Environmental enthusiasts seeking practical avenues to contribute to conservation efforts.

Individuals eager to engage with authorities and experts in the field of biodiversity.

Citizens interested in actively participating in citizen science initiatives.

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