Wellness Programme

Learning Outcomes?

This programme will suit SICAP clients as well as your teams .Upon completion of the Wellness Programme course, participants can expect the following outcomes:

Nature in Many Contexts:

Gain a holistic understanding of the multifaceted roles and significance of nature in various contexts.

Explore Local Outdoor Sanctuaries:

Acquire practical skills and knowledge to explore and appreciate local outdoor sanctuaries, fostering a deeper connection with nature.

Nature as a Resource for Physical, Cognitive, and Mental Wellbeing:

Understand how nature serves as a valuable resource for enhancing physical health, cognitive function, and mental wellbeing.

Individuals Experiencing Nature on Their Own Terms:

Empower individuals to personalize their nature experiences, fostering a sense of autonomy and connection.

Nature’s Solutions to Dealing with Climate Anxiety:

Explore nature-based strategies for managing climate anxiety, promoting resilience, and contributing to sustainable practices.

Sharing Positive Nature Experiences with Others:

Learn effective ways to share and communicate positive nature experiences, fostering a community committed to environmental awareness and well-being.

How and what will you Learn?

The Wellness Programme course is a tailored exploration of the unique biodiversity in your area. Through this course the participants will be delving into the following topics:

Session 1: Mindful Engagement with Nature
Topic 1: Resourcing Nature – Observe: Learn to observe and appreciate nature as a valuable resource for overall well being.
Topic 2: Shift in Perspective – Appreciate: Understand the transformative power of shifting perspectives to cultivate a deeper appreciation for nature.
Topic 3: Adapting Behaviors – Create, Share, Assimilate: Explore tools and practices to create, share, and assimilate behaviors that enhance cognitive clarity, stress relief, and physical health.
Capture Learnings: Reflect on and capture key insights gained from the sessions.
Way Forward: Develop a personalized plan for integrating mindful nature engagement into daily life.

Session 2: Cultivating Health and Wellness Habits
Topic 1: Resourcing Health Habits – Observe: Observe and understand the role of nature in promoting health habits for overall well being.
Topic 2: Share Our Perspective – Appreciate: Appreciate the value of sharing individual perspectives and experiences related to nature’s impact on health.
Topic 3: Practical Resourceful Behaviors – Create, Share, Assimilate: Develop practical and resourceful behaviors that contribute to holistic health and stress relief.
Capture Learnings: Reflect on and capture key insights gained from the sessions.
Way Forward: Chart a course for applying newfound knowledge and habits to foster ongoing wellbeing through nature engagement.

Course Structure

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey with our Wellness Programme course, carefully structured to cater to diverse preferences:

In-Person Session (6 Hours): Engage in dynamic in-person sessions.

Online Session (2 Hours): Attend a virtual session designed for flexibility, covering specific course content.

Self-Directed/E-Learning (5 Tools – 3 Hours): Utilize a range of e-learning tools to deepen understanding, reinforcing concepts at your own pace.

Total Commitment : 11 hours


Who will benefit from this Course?

SICAP Clients

Individuals Seeking Mindful Well-being

Nature Enthusiasts and Explorers

Stress Management and Mental Health Advocates

Health and Wellness Coaches

Educators and Facilitators of Mindfulness Practices

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