Data Protection 2018 Countdown

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Plans for  2018 are creeping into our thought process so here are three ways that you could initiate getting ready for the new GDPR regulations in the new year.


Concerns and losses of personal information and sensitive data can lead to regulatory fines and significant risk to an organisation’s reputation. By implementing good practices and conforming to the associated requirements training organisations can be compliant. Why not digitise the  large amount of data held by training organisations, by digitising your training quality assurance, the access to these records can be completely  managed, ensuring you are data protection compliant. Veri has  Role based access ensuring  only the relevant people can access learner’s records. Passwords and Encryption ensure data is secure. Subject access requests by any learner can be accessed at the touch of a button, contact [email protected] today for a demo.


QA Services is one of Ireland’s leading providers of training, quality assurance and consultancy services to the training and further education sector. The feedback to their workshop on GDPR has been excellent from the fundamentals to data protection policy, well worth looking into. Book here for upcoming courses


There are a lot of new GDPR “experts” but the Irish Computer Society is now delivering their 10th national Data Protection Conference in January, check it out here.
From the conference there are only 83 working days to be exact to the new legislation – So reach out now, it is a good time to get the ducks in a row!