Sustainability and Circular Economy: Insights on Environmental and Social Governance

Category : Ann Marie McSorley

Having been abroad for the riots in Dublin, last week I was in the Capital where the conversations were all about environmental and social governance and responsibility . We were delighted to take the  opportunity for invitations to two pivotal events centred around sustainability and the circular economy in Dublin City . Along with our new Sales Partner Yamini  it proved to be an enlightening experience that offered valuable insights. Yamini, a Smurfit graduate came along for CPD and also to get the unique opportunity to demonstrate  the inherent value these events bring as she acquaints herself with the intricacies of our industry.

Sustainability, Environmental and Social Governance 2024- Ethico at the Aviva Stadium 

The ESG (environmental and social governance) and Sustainability event unfolded as an exclusive gathering of influential business minds, with Jim Power economist delving deep into the evolving landscape of sustainability. Hosted by the dynamic Ivan Yates, the event provided a distinctive platform for networking and learning. Sustainability works and Ethico had a super overview of the Pathway for ESG for 2024.  What added an extra layer of significance to the occasion was an unexpected reunion with Tony Walker, my ex boss and GM of the Slieve Russell, a colleague from nearly three decades ago, who shared first hand accounts of the remarkable work and capital works in Sustainability investments in one of the North West’s most famous Hotels.

environmental and social governance

From this insightful day, several key takeaways emerged:

  • Authentic Environmental and Social Governance Goals: The imperative for ESG goals to be authentic and provide a competitive edge was underscored. It’s not merely a checkbox on a list; it’s a strategic imperative that aligns with our values.
  • Buy-In Across the Board: Sustainability efforts must transcend the confines of a sustainability manager and become deeply integrated into the organisational culture. Genuine buy-in from everyone is paramount.
  • Bravery in Decision-Making: To effect change, bravery in decision-making is essential. It involves challenging the status quo and embracing innovation as integral components of our journey toward sustainability.

MODOS Launch at the Mansion House

The journey continued at the Mansion House for the launch of MODOS Sustainability and Circular Economy Training. Veri Connect are part of the framework team that will be rolling out this important programme in the coming years. With SMEs making up to 99% of Ireland’s economy, it is vital that these businesses embrace circular thinking. MODOS gives SMEs the practical advice and support they need to do this.

Dr. Joanne Rourke introduced the session and launched the programme   Hugh Coghlan’s strong stance on recent events in Dublin underscored the importance of diversity and inclusion for cultivating a robust skill set in Irish business. Beyond being a moral imperative, embracing diversity is a strategic advantage that fosters innovation.

Overall the two events  reaffirmed the critical importance of staying engaged, informed, and connected. Veri Connect remains unwavering in our commitment to exploring avenues that promote sustainability, authenticity, and innovation.