I upgraded my personal UI.

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6 years ago I moved to Ireland from my native Belarus. After a couple of days shopping in Dublin’s Stephen’s Green and Ikea, I explored the medieval beauty of my new hometown. I needed to find a doctor in my new surroundings and on my first visit I had a funny experience. I almost missed my appointment because my lovely doctor was calling my name but I did not recognise it as my own.
I loved my Belorussian name but it was difficult for Irish people to spell and pronounce. When they did it was difficult for me to recognise it. There is no sweeter sound to someone than that of their name. This was not the case for me anymore. I had to make a decision.

I decided to upgrade my personal UI, make it more user-friendly.

I changed my name. Thankfully I found one with the same meaning. I kept my personality. At the same time it was easier for my new friends, colleagues, classmate and neighbours to communicate with me. The bonus was that I didn’t need to spell it six times on the phone or at the reception!
Now working with Veri I am thinking about that name situation as streamlining my data. My new name allows people to engage with me easily, to interact with me in a more productive way, to report or send a request to me addressing it correctly.

Data is so important. It must be clear and useful.

Think about the archive room in a training company. I can help you to imagine it: shelves and shelves of folders with papers, some of them in boxes, some of them are missing so you can see gaps on the shelves and piles of paperwork on the table.
Now imagine this, your manager asks you for a TACS report sheet from 2017. You know it’s in that room somewhere but you can’t decipher the storage pattern. Searching is time consuming and you can’t find the data you need.
How cool would it be if all the papers could transform in the most convenient order to provide you with the information of interest? This is exactly what we do here at Veri.
We spend some time together. We get so know each other. Then we digitise your data transforming your paperwork into data intelligence. Your data will be clear and useful and easy to recognise just like my new name is. All you have to do is make the decision and we will do the rest.

Eugena Valadkevich – Customer Success Manager