Language Schools Would Benefit from Digitisation

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Ireland is a popular destination for people to come and learn English. Every year 100,000 students attend one of over 60 language schools. The courses provided range from basic introductory courses to preparations programmes for the major English language examinations, such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge and Trinity College (London).
It is vital that high standards are maintained in the delivery of these courses. The level must be on par with international levels. The responsibility of monitoring the English language education sector lies with ACELS Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Language Services. Since 2011 ACELS is part of the QQI framework.
The Language school sector is in the news week because of their teacher’s strike. According to Charlene Kane who worked at Deflin, the strike has a lot to do with the paperwork workload. Reporting on compliance and preparing for lessons takes a considerable amount of time outside normal school hours.
English Language Teachers Strike

“I think a lot of people who aren’t teachers…don’t realise how much goes into it outside of classroom hours.”

Our app Veri reduces tutors’ paperwork requirement and streamlines the nonstop paperwork nightmare. Last year we won the Irish Institute of Training and Development Best Digital Partnership Award solving that very problem. 
 Our simple software application called Veri can pre-populate all the data required with just exceptions needing to be logged. We automate tutors track and trace and can support quality standards. A new international education mark for the ELE sector will be introduced in the coming months, Veri will support teachers with these guidelines and allow them to teach rather than fill and shuffle loads of duplicate  paper compliance forms. 
That’s just the start the capabilities of Veri. Digitisation has proven to save up to 40% administration time for present clients. 
 Features include

  • Attendance with logged hours , reasons for non attendance, evidence upload, free text for issues and most importantly analytics to understand and re-mediate 
  • Assessment tracking – real time progression to see where resource is needed 
  • Learning outcome verification, exception reporting 
  • Critical milestones for their progression and success

Streamlining not only benefits teachers but enhances the learner’s journey as well. No additional equipment needs to be purchased; the dashboard can be accessed from all devices. Access to all you need is instant and in real time. The best way to see how your business and your staff can benefit is to arrange a demonstration.  Click here.