Validation and Verification … and a new name

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So by Christmas we had the beta client, the technical team, the innovative concept all in place. We now needed to validate that the problem was industry wide not just something that was a nice to have for us and our one client.
Excitement and enthusiasm over compliance software is not easy to muster ( unless you are the founder of course). Being compliant is expensive and boring and takes a huge amount of time. But it is only when there is a problem, an audit or an inspection do we see the benefits.
So the first thing to do was look to the Watch Dogs for audits and Inspection in Training Compliance in Ireland, the top one being Quality Qualifications Ireland, QQI (amongst other things they are the new FETAC).
“In the area of quality assurance, we are responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of quality assurance in further and higher education providers in Ireland.”
With Barrow training we presented to QQI the full functionality of the system and how it was being used to improve standards and save time, the result is a quote that said
“Veri is new, something we have not seen before and a training Providers Quality system”
We then moved to the client’s themselves. The most important validation is from the market itself and another thing we have learned is that a software product can be different things to different market segments. So QQI is one accrediting body, but almost every training function has some one that they are accountable to.
From our research with Corporate Training HR want information on attendance or achieving KPI’s or Milestones. Finance want ROI or training outcomes and Corporate Services Management want evaluations and improvement plans.
In local Government, consistency of delivery nationwide is critical as well as tracking and evidence to national civil servants. Some training companies use international accrediting bodies like City and Guilds or VCTC and what we have found and validated is Veri Integrated Training fulfils all these functions.
So with verification from 6 clients from different sectors using the software our name and brand was created VERI (as in verification) Integrated Training. Next job was to work towards a launch and reach out to new clients in the most effective way possible…. more information on mobile working apps in our next post!