Why will companies need to invest in Micro Credentials in Sustainability?

Category : Ann Marie McSorley

Meeting two Ministers for the launch of our clients programmes on the seven year anniversary of Veri Connect meant it was not such a Blue Monday for me this week!

Minister Simon Harris and Minister Neil Redmond launched 24 micro- credentials including 2 of our team’s work on Sustainable Supply Chain and Green Procurement & Lean Practice and Tools which for Sustainable Business. 

Mary Lyon’s team under Noreen Fitzpatrick saw the need for these Micro Credentials and their work was launched today. 

What are Micro Credentials?

Micro-qualifications are short, part-time accredited training programmes, and they have been developed under the Skills to Advance initiative.

And more to the point –

Why will companies need to invest in these micro credentials ?

Climate now is a competitive issue in value chains for all businesses. Both in public procurement where up to 30% of tender responses may be judged on sustainability credentials or for Business to consumers who are constantly differentiating by buying greener. 

Listed Companies, Banks and insurance will immediately also be affected by the now Live ESRD regulations. In essence this means measuring a company’s effect on Climate Change, Pollution, Water, Biodiversity, and Circular Economy . 

But even small companies like our own who are part of the Supply chain to these from 1st of January this year now have to start their sustainability journey if they want to work in the supply chain to these buyers.

Who will deliver these programmes?

Our team recently delivered the SOLAS Train the Trainer for the  programmes to a number of trainers in the ETB sector in the field. Through the contracted training network we hope to be part of the teams that roll out these important programmes in 2024 via Skills to Advance in the 16 ETB’s across the country.

Our team currently deliver training for the 6000 plus ESB staff on Sustainability and Climate Action, as well as leading on some of the countries largest Biodiversity programmes in the local development sector. 

So not such a Blue Monday for Dr. Amanda Greer and our team of ecologists and technologist at Veri Connect!