"We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity."

E.O. Wilson

Green Skills Training - Planning for Future Programmes Webinar

Are you wondering what environmental, biodiversity and sustainability training your target cohorts could most benefit from?
Come to our 2 hour webinar on 24th January, 2023 to hear from leading Irish experts on what they think will be the most important areas for people to learn more about or upskill in.
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Veri Connect

An end to end solution for your programme delivery needs. From recruitment to compliance we can ensure that you reach your targets and have real time evidenced reports at the touch of a button.


Connecting Through Nature

Water Biodiversity and Biodiversity training not only educates local residents but it can connect communities. People are gathered together in nature to participate in

River Walks • Tree Planting • Seed Harvesting • Nature Crafts • Mindfulness Walks • Boat Trips

Sample Course Content
• Understanding your local water body
• Water Quality & Conservation
• Citizen Science
• Water Biodiversity Action Plans
• Networking event to showcase each communities Action Plan


Interregional Programs

The training is place based modular learning with course content curated for the specific location by our ecologists.

Our software is used as a digital toolkit to support and sustain the learning and also to gather the invaluable data that the course participants gather.

This data gathering is creating living labs and enables the participants to become citizen scientists.


Centralised Data

Citizen Science is research carried out by members of the public who volunteer to collect scientific data. The focus is on monitoring biodiversity, invasive species and climate. Our system captures and centralises all-island invasive species data.

Our dashboard can be used to gather this data, amalgamate it, with the potential to share the findings with larger organisations and contribute to the national biodiversity plan.


The Results

Under the guidance of our ecologists the groups have tangible results.

Biodiversity Recording • Habitat Mapping • Kick Sampling • 

Paired with a sustainable plan to ensure longevity after the course completion.

Action Plan • Grant Application Support  • Networking Event  • 



The Team

With offices in Kilkenny and Northern Ireland our team bring a wide skillset to all our training delivery.
Ann Marie McSorley, CEO, has worked both sides of the border with 20 years experience in training delivery and curriculum development.
Dr Amanda Greer is our senior ecologist whose specialty is in biodiversity training and invasive species eradication. You can read more about our  Amazing Team Member’s here.


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